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2020 is the year of virtual everything – including virtual fundraisers, meetings and other events. As we all have during these times, the NüPOINT team has pivoted to serve our clients who need assistance hosting and executing virtual meetings. We’ve recently supported virtual meetings for: United Way of Delaware Westover Capital Better Business Bureau Serving […]

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Five Ways to Boost Engagement with Social Media

It can seem like social media is a one-way street: you post something, and others see it. But when your social media traffic is moving in only one direction, your business is too. Social media should be a two-way street.  Here are five types of social media posts that can get the two-way traffic moving. […]

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Consumer Trends During Quarantine

A lot has changed in eight weeks. As the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting state-by-state quarantines have caused massive shifts in day-to-day life, brands are scrambling to keep up. But for all these changes, there’s at least one constant: the human need for connection. Even if we’re living in a 2-D video world (Zoom, FaceTime, et […]

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Short Film by NüPOINT Encourages Delawareans To See Resolve and a Better Future in the Emptiness of Quarantine

Wilmington, DE — A short film of Greater Wilmington landmarks normally buzzing with life but now locked in an eerily empty quarantine landscape, offers a portrait of a community determined to “flatten the curve” while moving toward a more hopeful future. Produced by NüPOINT, an ad agency with offices here in Wilmington and in Tucson, […]

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NüPOINT Market Research Division

Did you know that NüPOINT can give you valuable information about your customers and your market? Since 1999, NüPOINT’s research division has served businesses in finding the information they need to help guide their marketing campaigns. From start to finish, NüPOINT is your one-stop shop in all aspects of the marketing process. NüPOINT Research Division […]

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Colors and Your Brand

Most business owners aren’t color specialists. So it might be a surprise to some that the colors you use in your branding materials can have a real impact on your business success. Why? Because colors often convey emotional qualities that impact how consumers respond to a brand. Don’t believe us? Keep reading! Black  Black can […]

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Is Your Website ADA/GDPR Compliant?

Federal and international regulations regarding websites are evolving rapidly. Overlooking these changes could cost you time, money, and reputation. At NüPOINT Marketing, we’re seeing two trends that threaten to impact any organization with a website. One of our clients has already been impacted. Some law firms are threatening to sue companies whose websites do not […]

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