How Our Research and Strategy Secured Vital Community Projects

In 2022, NüPOINT Marketing played a pivotal role in passing two bonds in Flagstaff, AZ, aimed at creating affordable housing and mitigating the impact of natural disasters in the community.


The situation began when over $200 million worth of community projects were proposed to the Flagstaff Mayor and Council. NüPOINT Marketing spearheaded counseling and government relations efforts, which included conducting surveys and extensive public outreach. Our goal was to place two bonds, encompassing eight critical projects, on the November 2022 ballot for voter approval. These projects were designed to address essential needs in the areas of affordable housing, stormwater and wastewater management, and public safety.


To ensure community support, we conducted a comprehensive community survey to gather feedback from Flagstaff residents. The data revealed strong support for the proposed housing, stormwater and wastewater, and public safety projects, with an average of 54% of respondents indicating they were likely to vote in favor. Understanding the importance of this feedback, we crafted a strategic educational campaign to highlight the non-partisan nature of the bonds. 

Our campaign emphasized that these initiatives were crucial for the safety and well-being of the entire community, transcending political affiliations. Through public meetings, traditional advertising, digital advertising, social media, and informational fact sheets, rack cards, signage, and videos, we educated the community on the benefits of the bonds and how they would address pressing issues like flooding, wildfires, and affordable housing shortages.


Our efforts culminated in a resounding success. Flagstaff voters approved both bonds with more than 60% voter approval, exceeding our initial predictions. The approval of these bonds marked a significant victory for the community, enabling the mitigation of flooding and wildfire risks, addressing stormwater and wastewater issues, and creating more affordable housing opportunities for both renters and buyers. The success of this campaign not only demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategic approach but also underscored the importance of community engagement and education in driving support for essential public initiatives.

In summary, NüPOINT Marketing’s strategic counseling, community outreach, and educational efforts were instrumental in securing voter approval for critical projects in Flagstaff. Our work not only helped to address immediate community needs but also laid the groundwork for a safer, more resilient future for all Flagstaff residents.

NüPOINT Marketing won two Impact Awards from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Southern Arizona Chapter from the work done for this bond initiative.

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