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Case Study

How can a grand opening for a new grocery store stand out in Tucson, a top-50 city with tons of competition?

Retail openings are considered routine by the news media and are sometimes ignored by potential customers because they might be too crowded or haven’t worked the “bugs” out of a new operation. When Whole Foods took over a failed former grocery store location in Tucson, they wanted to make a big splash.

We knew that a basic new opening press release would end up at best buried. We dug deep to find out what made Whole Foods’ opening different. We learned the media was interested in a trend that shopping local was moving beyond farmers markets to local supermarkets. Whole Foods, was upping the ante, selling a wide variety of items from 43 local providers. We also knew that Tucsonans love to party, especially if it’s an invitation-only event.

The Result

The lead front-page story in the Arizona Daily Star headlined “Whole Foods emerges as leader in shop-local, eat-local trend” with a large photo of the front of the new store and a caption inviting everyone to the public grand opening. Prior to the public opening, NüPOINT developed, managed and produced several pre-opening events to give the local “who’s who” private high-end tastings of what was in store. They came. And they said, “Wow, I was so glad to get on your list for this event, I’m so glad I know you!” Whole Foods said it was one of the best grand openings in its history. And we did it again when they opened a third location a few months later.

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