We performed market research solutions including intercept interviews, web-based surveys, and strategic oversampling with residents of the area, with added emphasis on a major Air Force base.

The Result

Nine in 10 southern Arizonans supported the military operations and the vast majority recognized the benefits for economic vitality, national defense and community sense of pride.

There was almost no difference in levels of support among those living closest to the base.

The survey results were used in a press conference to kick off the newly formed “Southern Arizona Defense Alliance” (SADA) community coalition to support the region’s military installations. The survey results generated lead stories in news media across the region.

The data was presented at the highest levels in Washington, D.C and was well received.

The late US Sen. John McCain, chair of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, was vocal in his support for the work SADA was doing.

Messaging and preferred communication channels ranked most effective in the survey results were used to educate the region about the importance of supporting the military installations.

Community support for the military across the area showed growth in the two-year follow-up survey.

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