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Case Study

Helping Schools Better Serve Students And Parents


Amidst a growing number of school options for parents and students, schools in Arizona and Delaware needed a better understanding of the families’ decision-making process as well as how to make their schools stand out and reach the right audiences to attract and retain students.


StröngPOINT’s research commenced with a series of parent focus groups representing various demographic and geographic segments of the population and continued with intercept surveys of community members.

The combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods were utilized to validate key messages, educational programs of interest and optimal media strategies for creating awareness and affecting school decision making. The results of the research allowed school administrators to identify the most important value components of school programs and target these based on demographic characteristics. Through this lens, administrators customized messaging based on how various customer segments differ in their perceptions, needs, and behaviors.


  • Marketing message channels were re-evaluated to put more emphasis on digital media options when parents are gathering information during the decision-making process.
  • Core academic capabilities were prioritized as the primary message, and ancillary offerings as the secondary message.
  • School offerings and structure were re-evaluated to better serve the community, such as changing transportation options to non-neighborhood schools, and changing schools from K-5 to K-8.
  • It was found that schools thrive when they provide descriptive names for their specialization such as “science” and “technology” rather than using general terms such as “magnet.”
  • This was especially true when parents were interested in schools that provided an educational emphasis.
  • The research, coupled with strong rebranding, targeted messaging, and new marketing tools that were developed from it, helped the schools exceed their enrollment goals.

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